Stocking Stuffers for the Writers in Your Life

Writers are a finicky bunch. If you’re trying to please a writer this holiday season, aside from showering them with praise and adulation, consider getting them things they can use in their writing life. To help you out on that quest, I’ve put together a list of stocking stuffers for writers. Unlike so many other lists, the swag on this one will actually fit in your writer’s stocking.

Mugs (for the bottom of your stocking)

I’m always happy to get a new mug for Christmas. I can’t write without coffee, and I know I’m not alone.

This Warm and Cozy mug is for the morning writers. It’s the perfect mug for photos, so your writer friend can snap a picture with it and brag about getting their word count in on Instagram.

Do you know if your writing friend has read at least one of the books on this Banned Books mug? Chances are they’ll love to find this in their stocking.

This I Before E mug will either make your word nerd chuckle—or cringe.

Journals (in the middle of your stocking)

A lot of writers like to keep journals. There are some really nice lined journals out there, or you could get a dotted or grid lined journal if your writer’s interested in bullet journaling.

This Dotted Bullet Journal is perfect for your writer friend who wants to start a bullet journal or for the friend who is close to finishing their current one.

Looking for something a little more classic? This Leather Journal matches perfectly with crisp winter mornings and a hot cup of tea (or in my case coffee).

Adventure and Travel Designed Notebooks are perfect for travel notes and are small enough to fit in a purse or a small knapsack.

Bookmarks (to stick out of the very top of the stocking)

All writers were readers first, and your writer friend or family member is probably reading at least one book right now. Why not give them one of these cute bookmarks?

For the women writers in your life that are persisting and working toward their dreams. She Believed She Could So She Did.

For the reader who has their nose in a book way into the middle of the night – or morning, more likely. I Read Past My Bedtime.

This Drink Good Coffee and Read Good Books bookmark would match really well with the socks coming up next.

Socks (to wrap more fragile items in when you pack the stocking)

With the winter season quickly approaching, your writer may be getting cold feet—literally. This gives you a great excuse to stuff a sock—ahem! I mean stocking—with even more socks. It’s a sock-ception!

These white If You Can Read This, Bring Me Coffee socks come in a super cute packaging that will remind them of coffee!

Love the saying but not the design? Buy these If You Can Read This, Please Bring Me Coffee socks in brown.

Maybe you want to throw it back to library days of old. These Library Checkout Card socks will definitely make your word nerd’s day lit-erary. (I’ll show myself out.)

Other Writing-Related Items to Wear

Who doesn’t love t-shirts? Who doesn’t dig a theme? How about this adorable Book and Coffee Love T-shirt to go with the mug and socks?

What, you want more? You could get them a few of the pens on this exhausting list, or, if all else fails, take them to a bookstore. Man, your writer sure is demanding.

Speaking of, if you’re shopping for me, I will take all of my gifts in the form of 18k gold paper clips.

But if $0 is more your speed, comment with your favorite stocking stuffers for writers.

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