The Miscreants 

Rex Vargas returns from prison to find his parents’ horse-racing farm in Florida about to go under. The man who owns it has given them an ultimatum: win a Triple Crown race or he’ll sell the farm out from under them. But this impossible goal is really the owner’s veiled attempt to get his daughter LC back.

After gruesome secrets ended her young marriage to a rich bourbon distiller’s son, LC fled to the Florida farm, where she found work as an exercise rider. She’d do anything not to go back to the horrors of her old life, even if that means ruining Rex’s family in the process.

That changes when LC meets Rex. By any standard, they should hate each other. He’s a tattooed ex-felon, the son of horse trainers. She’s a debutante, a genteel girl raised in luxury. But Rex and LC find they have more in common than even they believed. She decides to work with him to save the farm. Together, they train a notorious racehorse called The Miscreant, while she pursues a dream she put away when she got married, being a jockey. Will they have what it takes to save the farm? Never mind confronting the evil that lurks in LC’s past…

With a detailed setting like Lauren Groff’s Florida, a rough literary love story like Bryn Greenwood’s All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, and a dark, page-turning plot and readable prose like Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, The Miscreants explores important social issues like mass incarceration, privilege, and toxic masculinity, making it a novel for serious literary readers and book clubs alike.

The Miscreants is undergoing its final revision and will be ready to send out soon.


Just Reach Out Your Hand

Joy’s childhood in the Cathedral in the Woods Church cult ended when her mother murdered their power-hungry leader then fled the authorities on a cross-country chase. Their years on the run blurred together, but when Joy’s mother was arrested, Joy kept going. Now, at the age of 28, Joy is living in her car in Brooklyn. The trauma of her early life has muddled her memory. She thinks putting together the pieces of the past will help her move on, but recovering from the repression and violence of her dislocated youth isn’t as easy as she believes.

This novella is based on “The Lost Gospel,” a short story long-listed for the Disquiet Prize in 2019.

Short Stories

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