Who killed Max Ashcroft? That is what Marlow Mills has to discover before her mother dies. Researching the Ashcrofts, the descendants of an infamous robber baron, has been her mother’s life’s work. But the Ashcrofts paid her to leave horrible truths out of their biography. One of these mysteries has haunted Mom for years: in 1936, Max Ashcroft, the heir to the Ashcroft fortune, disappeared, and all records of his existence were wiped from history. Many signs point to James Ashcroft, Max’s brother, as being his murderer. James has even left a trail of clues that seem to lead to his confession. Together with James Ashcroft IV, nicknamed Ivy, Marlow will travel thousands of miles to unearth the dark secrets the Ashcrofts have buried in the past.


The Illustrious Ashcrofts is a 82,000 word YA mystery with elements of historical fiction and romance. It is geared toward readers 16-19 years old.


I am currently seeking representation for this novel.