Book Review Policy Update

Review requests that do not follow these guidelines or are sent anywhere other than through my contact page will be cut into tiny pieces, set on fire, and then fed to the unspeakable howling void in my attic. Cheers!

Adventures in Chile

This June, I ventured to the Southern Hemisphere for the very first time. Although I had layovers in Brazil and Peru, I spent most of the trip in Santiago de Chile. It was cold and rainy , and I had a few freelance assignments due, the biggest of which was for Catapult, which I’m really…

May Publications & Life Update

This month has been pretty awesome for me. I’m finally starting to break through into my wishlist publications. For one, I accomplished a serious dream of mine. For a while now, I wanted to be a Book Riot contributor. I applied over and over again. Then at the end of April, I got the magic…

Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge 2017 – May Update

I am seriously behind on my Goodreads Challenge. I blame working on my novel. But since I made the first post about Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, I fulfilled a major dream and became a Book Riot Contributor! And yet, that gives me less time to read. Ha! Anyway, here’s an update on my Read Harder progress….

Novel Writing Progress and How You Can Help

In November 2016, I started writing the novel that has taken shape into Raintree. I’ve never worked on a project so hard or devoted so much of my time and energy to, well, anything. I’ll tell you about it more in another post, but right now I’m going to focus on the craziness of the novel-writing process….