Drift, a Short Story by Becky Renner



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7 thoughts on “Drift, a Short Story by Becky Renner

  1. In brief, I’m intrigued by the storytelling, delivered so beautifully! Read it twice – my way of enjoying a story that can hold my attention to the end. Will surely, and in good time, be reading the remaining tales. Thank you, Becky Renner, for the sample.

  2. Oh wow this was truly a breathtaking story. I love the abundant use of imagery, it really blew me away. In some ways your writing style reminded me a little of Raymond Chandler, though your writing style was definately more detailed. I commend you for encompassing so much in such few words. My weakness are short stories. Though maybe I’ll have to learn to overcome it, as that seems the way to go for us writers. Keep up the good work!

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