Rebecca Renner - Florida Derby

Rebecca at the Florida Derby, 2018

Rebecca Renner has been many things: an ocean lifeguard, a farm hand, a real estate photographer, a graphic designer, a braille book editor, a tutor, a teacher, a newsperson, and a book critic. Through all of these phases in her life, she was always a writer.

She has received awards in fiction, scholarship, poetry, and playwriting. She is an active member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the National Book Critics Circle, and the Freelancers Union.

She is finishing a novel that delves into social issues in connection with horse racing and toxic masculinity.

She is also working on a book about the tragic life of her grandfather, Dr. Lamar Roberts. A protégé of Dr. Wilder Penfield, my grandfather took his own life before I was born. I’m trying to find the stories of his life that history has forgotten.

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