When you’re first embarking on your writing journey, it can feel like publishing is closed off to everyone but an elite clique. That isn’t true — but publishing does have its secrets. For one, most authors send their manuscripts to a beta reader or an editor before whisking them off to their agents.

To improve your chances of landing an agent and a publishing contract, you need your writing to shine. My editing and beta reading services can tip the odds in your favor

Email me at yourstruly@rebecca-renner.com for more information on these services.


Editing & Beta Reading for Creative Work

Query Critique — $75

Critique of 15 Page Essay or Story — $300

Beta Read & Critique of 300 Page Novel or Nonfiction Book — $2,000

Line Edit of 300 Page Novel or Nonfiction Book — $2,500

Developmental Edit of 300 Page Novel or Nonfiction Book — $3,000


Editing for Businesses and Agencies

Copyediting — $100/hour

Developmental editing — $150/hour

Content strategy or management — $150/hour

None of these options fit your project needs? Email me at yourstruly@rebecca-renner.com. In your email, include the word length of your project and your desired results.


Critique: a verbal or written description of the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of writing.

Beta Reader: a person who reads a manuscript before publication and gives their unbiased opinion about its contents. Beta readers do not offer editing remarks.

Line Edit: a close edit of a manuscript, correcting spelling, grammar, and usage issues before publication. Line editors do not evaluate characters or plot.

Developmental Edit: a deeper edit designed to help authors look more closely at their work on a larger scale. Developmental editing focuses on characters and plot and does not include line-editing.



As editing is a work-for-hire business, I do not offer a money-back guarantee. However, if you are unsatisfied with your services as rendered, I will do everything in my power to rectify the situation, including rewriting blog posts or offering discounts for additional services. Payment is expected up front in full. Failure to pay will terminate any contract signed for services with Beckyrenner.com.
Transfer of money through PayPal does not constitute a contract. Services will be discussed and contracts signed prior to purchase. Refunds for money sent without discussion or contract are subject to fees.