Here's the thing: Florida isn't the place you think it is. Sure, it's weird, wacky, and wonderful. It's also multi-faceted place, full of nuance and beauty. You can't just boil my home state down to Florida Man stereotypes, and you certainly don't know the place if you've been to Miami Beach once.

So take a dip into my stories to catch a glimpse of the real place.

Pretty much everything I write is set in Florida. This list is just a selection where the Sunshine State plays a key role.


A long read on Medium: “Janet Reno’s Sister Owes a Florida Developer $5 Million. She Has Zero Intention of Paying.” 2018

A shorter food story on Civil Eats: “Florida’s Answer to Invasive Lionfish: If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em.”

Some Miami food roundups on Eater:

Environmental reporting for The Atlantic’s CityLab:

About Florida books:

Poke around this site and you'll see that almost everything I write comes with a Florida twist.