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  1. That is an excellent review, you give your opinion about the wrongs and rights of the book in good detail, you point out where the author could have improved it, well done Becky

  2. I’m reading this book now. Not done yet, and I agree with your assessment in how Jaher approaches the subject matter. It does read more as an overview of occultism in the 20s, but I expected that. It’s fascinating and well researched. Just don’t expect an engaging, character-driven tale.

    • Yes, exactly! I so wanted it to be character-driven though. I heard someone say it was like a bio of Houdini, and that was what I was expecting. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I think sometimes I get in my own way.

      • It’s easy to think that considering the back cover summary. I was fooled, too. But if you’d like to check out a book that features Houdini, I highly recommend THE ARCANUM by Thomas Wheeler. It stars him, alongside Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, and Marie Leveau as part of a circle that specializes in the occult. Alastair Crowley also makes an appearance. It’s a fun read. 🙂

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