If you got an email about a post talking about grades, sorry! That was supposed to post on my class website. But while you’re here, I can give you an update on all my recent publications!

Of course, I’ve had a few Book Riot posts published this month:

I also had an essay published in the Washington Post, and it was syndicated to several smaller newspapers:

I started a writing advice column on Medium, too! Read my first responses:

Want to submit a question to my advice column? Tweet me!


I also have a few other essays brewing at some of my dream publications, and I’m working on finishing another round of edits on my novel. I’m going to start submitting it to agents soon!

Oh, and did I mention that my entire state was hit by a hurricane? The world is basically falling apart. But how have you been?


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  1. Enjoyed your Twitter post today. Good luck with all your writing projects. My dear friend Terry Verduin, children’s author and writer’s tech is having a terrible time getting her books mainstreamed. I guess you have to know somebody to get the shelf time. My writing is lyrics and poetry, mainly poverty of soul, heartbreak and silly love stuff. I have a story of childhood sexual abuse I would love to turn into a book. Maybe one day I will.
    Anyway. Enjoyed your post. Have a great day.

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