When I was a baby, my dad ran a horse farm in Ocala, FL, and my […]
Vic James’s debut dystopic fantasy, Gilded Cage, blends the magic of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and […]
“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” - Ray Bradbury
Elvis Babbitt, who shares a name and birthday with the King of Rock & Roll, is the […]
I wrote this post right after Hurricane Matthew, but my life was so scrambled that it […]
Read 26 books, each with an author whose last name starts with a different letter. If you're on Litsy, follow me: @becky_renner, and click this link to join in the fun.
I seem to be a literary glutton for punishment this year. Not only am I writing […]
This year, the Academy Awards will air on February 26th this year. Several of the movies nominated […]
Hello lovely people of Internetlandia, I’m doing my first book giveaway. It’s hosted on rafflecopter, and […]
During my recent MFA residency, one of my classmates (a fellow lit mag editor) found out that […]