Every family has a myth. I know yours has one, a story passed down bedtime to […]
So…I took a little too long to write another blog. But I swear, it’s for a […]
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Being a freelancer is scary. I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for only a couple weeks […]
Hello lovelies, long time no see! I am definitely giving away some books, but you’ll have […]
  March wasn’t quite the shitshow that February was. I actually had some fun. I went […]
I’m a Book Riot Contributor, but still, I was kind of resisting the Read Harder Challenge […]
And by fun, I mean February has been like living through hailstorm, except the hailstones are […]
Though 2017 in general was something of a garbage fire, publishing-wise, 2017 has been my most prolific […]
I read 130 books in 2017, more books than I've read in any year before this.